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Pain You Place Inside
Name : Chris
Nick : Snowy, Budlik, Chris
Born : 1st February 88
Age : 15
Grade : 10
Height : 182cm
Weight : 65kg
Email : snowingsins
Msn :
AIM : hippunkrocker
Likes : Music, Computer Graphics, Web Design, Anime, Live Journal, Paint Shop Pro 7, Adobe Photo Shop
Hates : Slow internet connection, Try hard little Punks who think they can get away with anything, Certain Pop Music, Annoying People
Acount: Account Paid for by Lindsay

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I Need To Teach You
                The Rules The Basics
[1] Credit is a necessity. I put my time and effort into bringing you these icons the least you can do Is place a "budlik" or a "budlik_icons" in the keywords. If you plan on using these icons at another Journals system (GJ, BJ, UJ, DJ) you must simply place a behind my username. If you dont know how to credit go here.
[2] Share the icons with other members
[3] Comment every time you wish to use a icon
[4] If you steal my work and I find you I shall be forced to take the mandatory action of kicking your stinkin' ass
[5] No Changing my icons unless-
  i. You request for me to do the customization (see request status to see if possible)  
  ii. I have nominated the icon as a "open base" to all
[6] Any Icons Made for specific users are only for the specific user
[7] Let me keep the originality of my ideas, Don't replicate my icons
[8] If you see someone with my icons and they haven't credited me please report it to me and/or at I-Theft.
[9] Ask me questions. I am always more than happy for you to contact me. Use this device to contact me if you wish, or read me details to find my msn-aim detials
[10] The Layouts and Icons used for my journal are mine and not to be used for anyone else

[1] Make sure the request status is open
[2] These icons must be credited like all others
[3] Request via leaving a comment in this [post]
[4] If you wish to email me do so by clicking here
[5] Have patience with the time it takes to create it, I have a life to live aswell
[6] You may request 1-5 icons per week

See Them Set In Stone
              The Layout
Version : 2
Name :The Memory
Image : This image was taken from
Sound Track : Nirvana - The Best of Nirvana & Puddle of Mudd - Come Clean & Mudvayne - Death blooms, Perversion of the truth & Nickelback - Someday & American Head Charge - The War of Art & Marilyn Manson - MM & Drowning Pool - Sinner & Ayumi Hamasaki - evolution, connected & Megumi Hayashibara - Alchemy of Love, Breeze, Midnight Blue & Utada Hikaru - Simple and Clean

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I Need To Feel You

15 Friends Only Entries

[April 27 2004 @ 10:47PM]
13 Icons - Request
My greatest apologies to everyone who has requested of me and it hasn’t been fulfilled. And really I can’t give you a good enough reason as I have promised you all that I would have things done for you and I haven’t. I am really sorry.

So I figure I will let you all know why I haven’t been able to get it all done.

Over the last month I have been plagued with many large distractions and many small ones. My health was shot. I had a viral infection constantly for a whole month where out of 28 days I went to school for like 7. I was bed ridden, constantly tired and just lacked all energy to do anything.

I went through phases where I believed that I was fine and finally had gotten over it but it just came back. This is when my parents figured that I had been faking it and no longer believe that I was sick. Therefore I was sent to school, making me more sick and worn out.

Eventually I started to get my energy back and family traumas started happening. My dad has had chronic neck problems for the last 18 months, sending him into migraines, making his head hurt so bad he throws up and its starting to become just too much to deal with,having to carry your own father to the bathroom to be sick as he is too weak to do it himself is not something which goes down so lightly with me.

Mum also has been through to hell and back via recieving a large knock to her head and being concussed badly.

I know this isnt really any excuse for me being not sticking to my word, but i guess maybe you can forgive me a bit.....

So from now on, I AM CLEARING OFF MY REQUEST LIST AND STARTING AGAIN. IF YOU WANT YOUR ICONS TO BE MADE REQUEST THEM AT THIS LINK PLEASE. i plan on making more icons this weekend, and also catching up with the maintanence of this place.

Sorry again,

[February 28 2004 @ 01:19PM]
14 Icons - Request
Two incubus icons for the hell of it


[February 26 2004 @ 05:40PM]
6 Icons - Request
icon requested by destatisspiral,


[February 23 2004 @ 10:48PM]
48 Icons - Request
1. Dont ask, just comment
2. Please credit budlik_icons
3. No hotlinking/direct linking.

4. Join Visit icon_essentials

[1] .hack Icon
[2-6] DN Angel Icons
[7-16] Kenshin icons [lyrical set - "here without you" 3 doors down]
[Total - 16 Icons]


Anime IconsCollapse )

My request List is nearly empty so please request icons for me to make, or invite all your friends here to request icons. please help me out and spread the word about this place! Ohh and my Icon-Website is up, so please drop by Friends of Shadows and tell me what you think!


[February 20 2004 @ 02:36PM]
46 Icons - Request
1. Dont ask, just comment
2. Please credit budlik_icons " in the keywords.
3. No hotlinking/direct linking.

[1-16] Amrican head Charge Icons
[17-19] A Perfect Circle icons
[20-27] Deftones icons
[Total - 27 Icons]


Music IconsCollapse )

My request List is COMPLETELY EMPTY so please request icons for me to make, or invite all your friends here to request icons. please help me out and spread the word about this place! Ohh and my Icon-Website is up, so please drop by Friends of Shadows and tell me what you think!


[February 20 2004 @ 02:38AM]
3 Icons - Request
icons requested by jazzedsoprano,

[February 19 2004 @ 08:08PM]
2 Icons - Request
Requested icons for,


[February 15 2004 @ 09:21PM]
Hey there,

What am I after
I am in the search for the best of the best when it comes to the making of things which are a necessity to icon making.

What is Icon Essentials about?
We at icon essentials are trying to build this place in the hope of helping all icon makers everywhere. We also being icon creators have decided that hopefully we can complete a community which will be structured so that all icon makers can come together and teach and learn.

Right now we are have just completed the construction phase with the new layout and user info set in place. So the next step is getting approximately 1-3 workers for each category listed below.

I am hoping to find the best in -

[x] PSP/PSD & TUBE finders/creators
[x] ICON - BASE Creators
[x] FONT finders/creators
[x] LYRICS & QUOTES recorders
[x] PSP & PS BUSHES finders
[x] TEMPLATE creators
[x] TUTORIAL creators

If you believe that you are talented or know anyone who is talented in any of these area's please drop by icon_essentials, and read through the userinfo before applying.

Please also feel free to add the community as we are hoping to have it completely setup by the end of the week.


[February 08 2004 @ 08:03PM]
2 Icons - Request
Requested Icons for katy0293,


[February 07 2004 @ 09:16AM]
8 Icons - Request

If you requested a icon or a graphic which I haven't completed yet, could you please re-post it here. I have had to get in contact with Livejournal as I have not been receiving e-mail notifications.

I thank you all for reading this and leave you with a double mini movie DN Angel icon!


[February 05 2004 @ 06:20PM]
2 Icons - Request
requested icon for xosunkissedox,


[February 05 2004 @ 06:17PM]
Requested Icons for butterflywingz,


[February 03 2004 @ 11:15PM]
2 Icons - Request
Icon Modification for unwrittenska,

2 more behing cutCollapse )


[February 03 2004 @ 10:45PM]
2 Icons - Request
Friends only banner behind cut for katy0293,

Friends Only BannerCollapse )


[February 01 2004 @ 01:21PM]
Icon request for musicisuseless