Chris White (budlik) wrote in budlik_icons,
Chris White

My greatest apologies to everyone who has requested of me and it hasn’t been fulfilled. And really I can’t give you a good enough reason as I have promised you all that I would have things done for you and I haven’t. I am really sorry.

So I figure I will let you all know why I haven’t been able to get it all done.

Over the last month I have been plagued with many large distractions and many small ones. My health was shot. I had a viral infection constantly for a whole month where out of 28 days I went to school for like 7. I was bed ridden, constantly tired and just lacked all energy to do anything.

I went through phases where I believed that I was fine and finally had gotten over it but it just came back. This is when my parents figured that I had been faking it and no longer believe that I was sick. Therefore I was sent to school, making me more sick and worn out.

Eventually I started to get my energy back and family traumas started happening. My dad has had chronic neck problems for the last 18 months, sending him into migraines, making his head hurt so bad he throws up and its starting to become just too much to deal with,having to carry your own father to the bathroom to be sick as he is too weak to do it himself is not something which goes down so lightly with me.

Mum also has been through to hell and back via recieving a large knock to her head and being concussed badly.

I know this isnt really any excuse for me being not sticking to my word, but i guess maybe you can forgive me a bit.....

So from now on, I AM CLEARING OFF MY REQUEST LIST AND STARTING AGAIN. IF YOU WANT YOUR ICONS TO BE MADE REQUEST THEM AT THIS LINK PLEASE. i plan on making more icons this weekend, and also catching up with the maintanence of this place.

Sorry again,
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